Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Following Review- 3x01 'New Blood'

Here we go. I'm so excited that this show is back! This is one of my favorite shows on television at the moment and I've been waiting for this to return. Of course with this new season we had a few questions that were left unanswered. What's going to happen to Joe Carroll? Are Mike and Max still together? Who the hell was the driver? And we get all those answers in this premiere episode.

So it opens up officially one year later to the wedding of Gina. Ryan Hardy is there with his girlfriend and he seems very happy! This is quite weird to see because in the past 2 seasons we have not seen Ryan this happy for this long. Something has to go wrong right? Oh definitely!

We see Mike show up to the party late because he has been in the field trying to catch Mark. Max introduces Mike to her new boyfriend who happens to work in FBI with her(awkward). Everyone is happy and looking forward to Joe Carroll's execution in a month(yeah, we'll see how that goes.) Everything seems fine until a waiter who’s working at the event decides to throw blood on Ryan as he's giving his toast. He calls Ryan a liar and cries that Ryan killed his daughter during a raid trying to find Carroll. This stays with Ryan so he decides to investigate this. When he arrives at the dead girl’s house, her father looks nothing like the man who attacked Ryan at the reception. So who the hell was he?

Just so happens that the guy who threw the blood is working with two other people named Kyle and Daisy. They are pretty much psychotic and lured a couple to there death. Ryan and the others arrive at the murder scene and see the bodies rigged up in a certain way, and the words “Ryan Hardy Lies” are written on the wall. Another murder happens in a different area with the words "Max Hardy Lies,” written this time. We find out that the killers are recreating moments that the FBI killed people following the crazy phase that was Carroll and Gray. Which makes it click in there head that the only person who could be behind this is Mark.

Mark Gray is the twin that survived and also the brains behind the new murders. He is working with Andrew(the man who threw the blood), and Daisy and Kyle. Oh and most importantly we can't forget Luke Yes, you read that right. The same Luke that died at the end of season 2. How you may ask? Well Luke is dead, but not in Marks mind. Mark believes, in his mind, that his brother is still alive. To me, this makes him completely terrifying. It makes Sam Underwood an amazingly brilliant actor. Seriously, he deserves so many awards for his portrayal. Mark has gone completely insane, and I love it. They then decide to hit an art fundraiser to find a blonde for their mother to recreate the scene where Mike kills her. The FBI find this out and arrive but they only get Andrew. The rest of them get away and kill another innocent person.

Ryan interrogates Andrew at the FBI and asks him what turns out to be a very important question.“What’s Mark to you?” All of sudden we're in a flashback and showed that Andrew was the damn driver at the end of season 2. WHAT????? I don't really know how I feel about that. I was kind of disappointed. The FBI arrive to the scene of the new murder and it's as expected, showing the Mike killing Lilly execution style, with the words "While you lie, more die." written this time. 

The last few minutes show us Daisy wanting to leave and telling Kyle they’re going to get caught just like Andrew. Kyle tells her that if they go now, they’ll spend the rest of their lives on the run and then says “he” will make sure of it. Who the hell is "he"? Mike watches them pack up the scene in the woods and Max is at home pouring a drink.(Did you not learn anything from Ryan?) We see Ryan looking through murder photos, and we also see Mark tell "Luke" that today was hard but he helped him through it. Luke tells Mark that tomorrow will be awesome because one of them is going to die.

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