Friday, March 6, 2015

Currently Reading

I decided to update you guys on what I'm reading. Now I haven't been reading much this year. To be honest, it's been kind of ridiculous. But these last two weeks have been insane dealing with personal family things, so I haven't been home much, or had much time to read. But before that I really just didn't feel like reading anything. I'm slowly getting out of that feeling and am getting back into reading.

I'm currently reading Legend by Marie Lu. I got this book on my nook, so I can read at night in bed. Now I started this book about a week and a half ago, but like I said some family things have been going on and I couldn't do much reading. But I was absolutely loving what I read and I can't wait to get more into this. I definitely plan on finishing this book soon to see where it goes, and probably get the other two books.

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  1. I love Legend!! I hope you enjoy it!! Also, I hope everything is ok with your family.

    Pearl @ AsteriskPearl's Book Blog