Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gotham Review- 1x05 'Viper'

This was a much better episode!

So we open up with Bruce trying to figure out Gotham. He's wondering who exactly is corrupt in Gotham besides for the two fighting families. Well that is an easy one for you Bruce. You want to know who is corrupt....EVERYONE!!! Wayne Enterprises is also hosting a charity lunch event that Bruce has agreed to go too. Alfred was kind of surprised by that, but glad as well because he wants Bruce to stop looking into these things. One thing that I enjoyed about this episode was the fact that we got to know a bit more about Wayne Enterprises. I'm definitely intrigued when it comes to Wayne Enterprises. I also liked the fact that Bruce is asking questions, and is possibly starting to think that there's some shady business happening there.

Moving on to Maroni and Falcone. Now Maroni wants to hit the Falcones Casino to mess with them. Getting a piece of Arkham wasn't enough. He wants to show them who really is in control. We see Gordon get taken to Maronis resturant after finding out that Penguin use to work for Fish Mooney. How did he find that out exactly? Well Penguin told him. Was it smart? Was it nor smart? You decide. So Gordon is taken to the resturant and ordered to tell the same story that Penguin told or else they both will die. He told them how he was order to kill Penguin but
didn't and Maroni couldn't be any more happy. He now has a weapon that no one knows about.

Now we have this weeks villain whose name is Stan. I really enjoyed this guy. He dropped a green drug into a guys guitar box. He picked it up and read the words "Breathe Me' written on the bottle. And what would
any person do in this situation? Well breathe it in of course! All of a sudden he becomes this insanely strong person. He walks into a store like he owns it and speaks like he's a god. This drug apparently gives you super strength. We find out that the strength only lasts a few hours at most and after that you die in some horrific way. We see Stan walking down the street passing out bottles of this drug to any person that he sees.

Stan use to work at WellZyn, the best lab in Gotham, which is run by Wayne Enterprises! He use to work there until he became frustrated that he wasn't going more important work and tried to cut off his own ear. At least that is what we are lead to believe by the people who work at Wayne Enterprises. Turns out WellZyn lied. Stan was in charge of designing pharmaceutical weapons to be used by combat troops. The first dose was Viper(the drug being handed out now.) Stan wanted to stop this and went to the Waynes to tell them all about it. They did end up stopping it, but after they were murdered the others wanted to put it back out again. So could Wayne Enterprises possibly have something to do with there murder? Who knows?

Really quickly I want to mention that we have Riddler in here again, Edward Nygma. As always the small scene he was in was great. I absolutely love his character and I can't wait to see more. I loved how he was so fascinated with this drug and what it does! 

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