Sunday, June 28, 2015

I'm moving sites...

I just wanted to make a post saying that I'll be moving over to WordPress. I've been having some trouble lately with this site, and instead of getting frustrated every time, I just decided to start fresh. From now on, my posts will be over on WordPress. I'm hoping that(if you want) you'll head on over to WordPress and follow me there. Also, PLEASE leave me your blog link over on my new site so I can follow you as well. Thank You! My New Site!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Book Review- Forbidden Surrender

Title- Forbidden Surrender
Author- Priscilla West
Pages- 102 (ebook)
Rating- 2.3 out of 5
Companion/Sequel/Other- Book 1 in Forever Series, Book 1 following Vincent and Kristen

Goodreads Synopsis- The minute I saw Vincent Sorenson, I knew he was trouble. Billionaire. Bad boy. And dangerously sexy. He was everything I craved, and nothing I needed.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t just avoid him. The higher ups at my company decided they needed his business, and I was on the team to bring him in. Vincent Sorenson didn’t seem as interested in business as he was in me, but I knew that was a door better left unopened. If I got involved with him, it would only unearth the pain I spent years trying to bury.

This book is the first book following Vincent and Kristen in the Forever Series. 

Kristen is a Harvard graduate and a wealth manager. She has traveled to South Africa for a meeting to get the business of Vincent Sorenson. Kristen is smart but at the same time indecisive. She jumps to a lot of conclusions before getting the story.  Kristen definitely has some secrets that she wants to keep.

Vincent is a self made billionaire. He is also full of tattoos and has some piercing, which we find out early on. Vincent is the go getter type. When he wants something he will everything to get it. He is very charming and relentless, as well as a thrill seeker.

This story was very short. I didn't feel that connected to the main character, and Kristen kind of annoyed me. She starts off saying "no we can't do this" and the next second they're all on each other. It just felt so rushed, that I couldn't really feel a connection. 

Like I said, this story was very short, but it did end on somewhat of a cliff hanger which made me begin the second story. I plan to read the last book just to see what happens. 

Favorite Quotes 
“You’re Romeo and I’m Juliet. If we get together, bad things will happen.”
“What kind of guy do you think I am?”
“A dangerous one.”

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Book Review- Wrecked

Title- Wrecked
Author- Priscilla West
Pages- 286 ebook
Rating- 3.5 out of 5
Companion/Sequel/Other- Book 4 in Forever Series, Book 1 following Hunter and Lorrie

Goodreads Synopsis- Trying to recover from the tragedy, Lorrie returns to campus, ready to pick up the pieces of her life. All Lorrie wants is to get back to “normal.”

Then she meets Hunter. The man, the legend, “the Hammer.”

Hunter is a cage fighter who takes on every fight like he’s got nothing to lose. His life is a tangled mess of girls, booze, and fist fights. And while it may seem like he’s got a devil-may-care attitude, he’s fighting a private cage-match with a monster he can’t defeat.

This is the first book following Hunter and Lorrie in the Forever Series by Priscilla West. She has a few other books in this series, however they follow different characters. This is my first read by Priscilla West, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed it.

This book follows Lorrie who returns back to school after taking a few semesters off after some life changing things occur in her life. She wants to focus on school and getting back to normal, but that all changes as soon as she meets Hunter Jensen. Hunter "The Hammer" Jensen is a senior at the college and just so happens to be a cage fighter as well. As soon as they meet, they change each other for the good and bad.

Lorrie was both a very likeable and hate-able character. I loved her in moments, and got so angry with her at other times. She kept pushing Hunter away saying she didn't have feeling for him, but got angry to hear or see him with another woman. Make up your mind girl!

Hunter, I really loved. Yes, he had his problems and you can see that, but he also tried to be normal and go after what he wanted. He didn't push her away. I also loved the fact that he was an Cage Fighter. I found that to be really interesting(and if I'm being completely honest, really hot! Oh and I can't forgot about the tattoos!) However, I do wish we got see more of the Cage Fighting.

Gary and Daniela were the main side characters in this story and I really loved them both. Daniela looks out for Lorrie, and Gary looks out for Hunter. Daniela wants to help get Lorrie back to a normal life and makes sure she goes to parties, and dates, and has fun! However, she doesn't push her. Gary is the only one(besides Ada) to know about Hunters troubles, and as much as he likes Lorrie, he's not afraid to tell her the truth and look out for Hunter. I really liked that.

Overall the story felt like your typical romance story, but I couldn't stop reading. I was really invested in the story, the characters, and just finding out how it all plays out. I most definitely want to read the next one to see what the hell happens.

Favorite Quote 
It takes a weirdo to know a weirdo

Friday, June 19, 2015

Feature and Follow [26]

Alison Can Read Feature & Follow 
Feature and Follow is hosted by Parajunkee of Parajunkee's View and Alison of Alison Can Read 
 Question of the Week: If you were to get a tattoo, what would it say or what would the graphic be? Or if you have a tattoo, share a picture and its meaning. - Suggested by Second Run Reviews 
 I've already discussed this with my best friend and if we were to get a tattoo it would definitely be the Parabati rune from The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare. Those are some of our favorite series, and Cassandra Clare is one of our favorite authors. It would be the perfect tattoo!

Friday, June 12, 2015


So I thought I would share what I'm currently reading. At the moment I'm reading 2 books, which is not normal for me. I prefer to read one book at a time, but since one is a physical copy and the other is on my Nook, it works for me.

First, on my Nook, I'm reading Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout. This is the fourth book in the Lux series.
I'm about 23 percent finished with this book, so still a ways to go. I'm so curious to see where this goes!

I also decided to pick up Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. I'm about 30 pages into this one. I've watched this movie before, but it has been awhile since I've last seen it. I heard good things about the book so I decided to give it a go.