Monday, March 2, 2015

Gotham Review- 1x04 'Arkham'

Okay right off the back I'm going to say that I really did not enjoy this episode. Just wanted to get that out of the way. In all honesty I just wasn't interested enough in it. And as usual, they're spoilers in this review!

So we open up with Penguin who is now back and is outside Jim Gordons door. The look on Jims face was
"holy shit.' Jim takes him outside of his place and slams him up against the wall wondering what the hell he is doing there and what's going to happen now that he is back.

I found Penguins part in this episode to be the most interesting. He is one smart guy and came up with a plan, a brilliant plan by the way, to rise up. He paid some robbers to come in and kill people at the restaurant he now works at and steal the money. He then brought the same people he hired some poisoned cannolis, watched as they ate them, and then took the money.

Oh I really want to put this out here real quick. The Riddler showed up, or pre-Riddler should I say. God, he is only on for a minute or so but I absolutely love his character! I want to see more of him. Right from the very first episode I thought he was great. Give me more of him! 

We also have Fish Mooney, who is in search of a weapon, or more so a woman who she can use as a weapon. That weapon was found and her name is Liza. What will Lizas role be? Maybe a spy for Fish. Possibly spying on Falcone? I guess we will find out.

Lets talk about this weeks villain, whom just so happened to be a hit-man named Gladwell. It seems as though he was hired, or was being used, by both
Falcone and Maroni to kill the other's councilmen, or at least that is what Gordon thinks. We didn't really get a straight out answer, just a theory from Gordon. A good theory though. We don't know much about Gladwell or why he uses that pop-out blade thing. I found Gladwell to be boring in all honesty. I really didn't care for him or the story involving him. He also had a simple day-time desk job where he could be easily tracked down, which is where he was found.

My favorite part of the episode had to be Arkham itself. Mainly that metal gateway with the Arkham name on it. That was such an amazing thing to see, and I'm glad that was put into this episode!

Overall this was an okay episode. I didn't really care too much for it and I'm hoping the next episode is better. What did you think of this episode? Leave your thoughts!

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