Thursday, April 2, 2015

Book Review- Find Momo

Title- Find Momo
Author- Andrew Knapp

Pages- 144
Rating- 4 out of 5
Companion/Sequel/Other- Stand Alone

Goodreads Synopsis-
Thousands of Internet fans play hide-and-seek with Momo the border collie every day, and now you can, too. Momo and his best buddy Andrew Knapp have traveled all over—through fields, down country roads, across cities, and into yards, neighborhoods, and surreal spaces of all sorts. The result is a book of spectacular photography that’s also a game you can play anytime. Lose yourself in page after page of Andrew’s beautiful, serene, dreamlike images, and sooner or later you’ll find Momo’s sweet, eager face looking back at you. (Can’t find him? Don’t worry…the answers are in the back.

So this review is a bit different from my typical reviews because it's a different kind of book. This is a hide-and-seek book with MoMo.(Think "Where's Waldo"). I absolutely adore this book, from the amazing photos, to trying to find Momo in all the different spots. It's such an adorable book and great to pass time. I personally think kids will love this. It will definitely keep them entertained for a bit. I even had my mom try this out and she absolutely loved it. Although she did have trouble finding Momo in a few and started yelling at it. I couldn't help but crack up! 

I definitely think everyone should pick this book up. Whether your a child or and adult, 10 or 70, you'll have a lot of fun trying to find Momo and you will find yourself smiling at all the photos of him!

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