Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gotham Review- 1x02 'Selina Kyle'

Here we are at episode 2 of Gotham, and here we are with another review.

We open up with Bruce putting his hand over a fire. Why? Maybe he was testing how much pain he can handle? I mean who really knows what the kid is thinking. I decided to break this up into storyline, because this episode had so many different stories going on.

Let's talk about the child snatchers storyline. Two people, a man and a women, are pretending to be helpers of the homeless and bringing food to them, when in reality they're trying to distract them so can drug them. Now right from the start I knew something was off about them because they were just too damn happy. When people are too damn happy, I say watch out. They drugged the kids while 2 others managed to get away, one being Selina Kyle. We find out that the reason they're doing this is for the Dollmaker. I'm glad that he was brought into this story. The other, played by Kyle Massey, was thrown through a restaurant window. He gets taken in and tells them to find 'Cat' because she saw the whole thing. Of course we know that Cat is Selina, but the detectives don't.

Selina Kyle isn't really in this story too much, but when she is, she does a fantastic job. Selina sees the snatching of the kids, but was able to escape. We later see her getting taken away in handcuffs(after Gordon and Bullock save the other kids that were snatched) with a bunch of other homeless kids. They're being brought upstate for somewhere to live. While getting on the bus two guards appear and they are the same people who snatched the kids in the beginning. they steal the bus load of kids. While they were emptying the bus Selina manages to escape. She's hiding when she's found by the lady, but is saved just in time by Gordon. Again, the bus load of kids are getting sent back up state, but Selina refuses. She demands to talk to Gordon. They finally meet and talk, and she tells him to call her Cat. She has a deal for him. If she has something that he really wants, can he keep her from going upstate. He tells her maybe. And she admits to him that she saw who killed the Waynes.

Next storyline follows Penguin. He's walking along the rode when these two guys stop and pick him up, but not before having a bit of fun with him and driving away when he would come up to the car. Finally he gets in and they're talking and making fun of him. Everything seems to be good, until the one guy makes a mistake of mentioning how when he walks he looks like a penguin. He wasnt to happy, and broke a bottle of beer and killed him, and held the other guy hostage. He then rents a trailer and tries to call the guys mother and get money from her for her son's safe return. However, she doesn't believe him and thinks it's one of her sons jokes. She hangs out and the last we see is Penguin with an eveil smile on his face.

Gordon and Bullock are working the snatching case. You can feel the tension between these two, and so can the whole police force as they come to blows in the building. In the beginning Bullock doesnt seem to care to much about the case and is trying to balme the whole thing on the homeless kid. Gordon is trying to do the right thing, but with everyone being so corrupt, it's kind of difficult. Now when I say everyone is corrupt, I mean EVERYONE!!! The cops, the captain, even the mayor. Damn Gotham!

Alfred, Gordon, and Bruce had a smaller storyline. Alfred came to the station to ask Gordon to stop by there place for a bit. The next we see Alfred and Gordon are sitting down for tea, while discussing Bruce. Alfred doesn't' really know what to do because Bruce is pretty much hurting himself. He believes Gordon can talk to him because Bruce respects him. It doesn't really help, and the subject gets changed from Bruce to Gordon and the kidnapped kids. I really likes the Bruce and Gordon scenes and I can't wait to see more of them!

Other smaller things-
Fish Mooney and Falcone have a meeting, in which afterwards Fish threatens to kill Falcone with her bare hands and teeth. I really didn't care too much for this.

We got to meet Penguins mom. She was definitely weird, so you can see where her son gets it from.

Also we saw more of Edward(RIDDLER). Again he was on for only a few minutes, but I absolutely loved those few minutes. I'm so interested in his character.

Favorite Quote(s)

"I can't believe the system's so corrupt."- Barabara
"You have no idea."- Gordon 

"What do you want me to do?" -Gordon
"He wants you to talk some sense into me." -Bruce
"Haven't I told you to stop creeping up on people like that? It's bloody rude!" -Alfred


  1. This sounds like a really interesting and suspenseful story! I'll be sure to watch it.
    I also love your book taste, from what I can see on your side bar <3 <3 But I'm really not getting how you can be both team Will and Jem, Adam and Warner. I mean, Jem and Warner are clearly better ;)

    Anyway, I've nominated you for the 7 Deadly Sins tag so come check it out on my blog!!

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Thank you for the comment!!
      Gotham definitely surprised me, considering I really don't know that much about the Batman world of Gotham City. I'm glad I started watching it.
      As for both team Will and Jem and Adam and Warner. I have my reasons :)
      Will and Jem- I'm currently reading Clockwork Princess and I still can't choose. I love them both! I can't wait to see how this story ends.
      Adam and Warner- I've only read Shatter Me and the novella Destroy Me. From Shatter Me, I really liked Adam, but in Destroy Me, I grew to love Warner. So again, I'm conflicted. HOWEVER, I've been told my thoughts will completely change once I read Unravel Me. So who knows.

  2. his sounds like something I might watch! The plot seems pretty good the way you put it :)
    I took a look at your sidebar, and you go, girl! Team Peeta all the way :D

    Just gave you a follow!