Monday, September 29, 2014

Gotham Review- 1x01 'Pilot '

So I decided to review the pilot of Gotham since I just recently watched it. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to watch this show because I wasn't entirely sure on how I would feel. I haven;t watched many Batman movies, or anything like that.

However, the trailer for this show, somewhat intrigued me, and even though I was still hesitant about this show, I decided to give it a chance. I can honestly say that I'm SO GLAD I did. I was so impressed by the pilot and how much I loved it. It was intriguing, and keep me so entertained. Being someone that doesn't know much about Batman, or any of that world, it has me curious to look into it.

 The show focuses on James Gordon and Harvey Bullock played by Ben Mckenzie and Donal Logue. We see the murder of the Waynes, and Bullock not wanting to take the case, but his new partner, Gordon is already talking to the son, Bruce Wayne.

I really loved this scene by the way. The way it was done was extremely well.

I feel kind of ashamed to say that I really didn't know who the villains were suppose to be until I read an article. This show is suppose to show the earlier versions of them, so I was excited to see them appear and see how they're portrayed in the beginning. I can say that I'm not a huge fan of Penguin or Fish, but who knows.

The most surprising thing to me was reading that the character Edward Nygma is known as The Riddler, and he's a villain. It really surprised me. For the few minutes that he was on screen, he was weird, and already with the riddles, but I really liked him. I'm definitely intrigued by this character and can't wait to see more. It seems that in his pre- Riddler days he might have been a good guy?

Now in the pilot we don't really get to know much about Selina Kyle except that she's very sneaky, and saw the murder of the Waynes. I'm very intrigued.

 I loved seeing young Bruce Wayne throughout this pilot and can't wait to see more of him as the show progresses! The actor portraying him did such a fantastic job.

Overall I really enjoyed this pilot and will definitely be following along with the rest of the season.

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