Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Teen Wolf- The Dark Moon Review/Recap

So we open up with Stiles and Lydia in Mexico. Yes, you read that right Mexico. For what reason, well we’re not sure. They then head to this club where they have to show a card to get in. Inside they get taken to the back where we find out what they’re after. Derek. It seems Derek has been missing and they believe the Spanish werewolf hunters have him. They offer them $50,000 for the release of Derek. Now at this time we still only see Stiles and Lydia. Where are the rest of them? Oh they’re not too far away. In fact they’re in the club.
It turns out the hunters don’t have Derek, but they capture everyone by spraying wolfs bane into the club. The group is held in a room, until Scott and Kira are taken out. Scott, Lydia, and Kira are tortured, well technically only Scott is, until he breaks his chains. It turns out the torture actually helped because now he knows who has Derek. 

Here comes the save Derek Mission. Why does it seem like Derek is always the one getting captured? Scott, Stiles, and the rest of the group, head off to find Derek, along with Braeden who is paid to guide them and make sure they get to where they need to go. They believe Derek is being kept in a church, the only building left standing after a massive earthquake. They say it’s because of what is buried underneath it- were jaguars. Yes, you read that right. Scott and Braeden head into the church alone. Why alone you may ask. Well Stiles jeep hit something and it got run off the road. So Scott went ahead with Braeden and Stiles, Lydia, Malia, and Kira stayed behind. Stiles trying to fix his jeep is kind of hilarious!
They head into the church alone and keep feeling as though there’s something following them. It turns out they’re right. We’re not entirely sure what, but my guess is Kate? Maybe she’s a were- jaguar or whatever. With it getting close Scott lets out one of his Alpha howls and scares it off, while in the process opening a hidden door. And in that door is a wall with a symbol where they believe Derek might be. Scott punches a whole through it and is surprised by what he sees.

Finally the others show up while Scott and Braeden are coming out of the church caring Derek, or at least we thought. The others are surprised, with the exception of Mailia since she has never met Derek. Finally we see who it is. It’s Derek! Only his younger self. Yes, it’s YOUNG DEREK. What the hell happened to him? How the hell did that even come to be? Does it have something to do with The Dark Moon that was mentioned earlier? And what does this mean for the Derek we know?

Overall, this was an okay episode. The last few minutes were insane, but other than that I wasn’t too impressed. It seemed like a much slower episode. However the trailer for the rest of the season looks AMAZING, so I’m really excited to see where everything goes.

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