Monday, April 21, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer and Posters

So if I'm going to be completely honest, I didn't even know they were making a TMNT movie. I know, where have I been right? I've been here, I just haven't heard much about this. I probably still wonuldn't know about it, but I saw a tweet about the new posters that have beenreleased for this movie. As soon I read that tweet, I was like "Wait! They're making a new movie?" Now I believe TMNT came out as a TV Show in the mid to late 1980s(please correct me if I'm wrong.) I was born in 1991. I knew about TMNT because my older brother was obsessed with them, but I was too young to really care.

I've never watched the TV Show, but I have seen two of the movies that were made in the 90s I believe. They weren't amazing, but I did enjoy them. Anyway, the whole point of this is that after watching the trailer for the first time, I really am not impressed. It doesn't make me want to rush out and see this movie when it hits theater. Will I go? Who knows. Maybe? Do I like TMNT? Yes I do!

I will admit though, the posters that were released do seem pretty cool. Some people like them, so people don't. What are your thoughts?


  1. I do recalling hearing that they were making another TMNT movie. I was a later 80s baby myself, so in the 90s I watched the cartoon show occasionally myself. Wasn't a fave one, but I did watch it! I did like the movies too! There were 3 in case you missed one! Not sure if it would've been 1 or 3 since you said you saw 2!

    I liked those movies a lot! I thought they were funny and entertaining, but of course I was still a kid! Not sure if I will go out to see this one, but whenever it makes its way to TV or on demand I might give it a go. Couldn't watch the trailer on my current computer so will have to try later!

    1. I did enjoy the movies. I didn't know they made 3 of them. I remember seeing the first two movies, but not the third.
      I'm still iffy on whether or not I will see the movie. Like you said, I might just wait for it to come on tv or demand and then give it a go!

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