Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gotham Review- 1x03 'The Balloonman'

I was really into this episode. It wasn't the best episode but I still found it to be fun and entertaining, mainly because of this weeks villain.

This weeks villian is the Vigilante, or Balloonman. I will admit, he wasn't the best and the name is laughable, but what I found enjoyable about him is that he is a bad guy, but he's doing these things with good intentions. The people of Gotham really seemed to like the Balloonman, whom they see as cleaning up the city. Of course, I really don't think they would like him so much if they got tied to a big balloon and floated away.

Another thing that I loved was seeing Penguin back in Gotham! I enjoy his character, unlike some people, I'm not in love with his character yet. But like I said I do enjoy him. For me, he's one of those characters that will grow on me. I'm excited to see where his character goes from here, and I loved how they ended this episode. With Penguin going to see Jim.

The Gordon and Bullock dynamic, as usual, was great. I'm hoping they can stick with it. I'm really enjoying seeing these two work on screen together and interact!

Bruce and Alfred's relationship is enjoyable. The sword fight between the two is such a great scene to watch and I loved that it was included in this episode. David Mazouz is definitely turning out to be a favorite of mine. Bruce also plays detective in the episode. He is obsessing over pictures and information in police reports hoping to find a clue about his parents. 

I figure I should mention this even though I could care less, but Montoya is still being a possessive, insanely jealous character when it comes to Barbara. We get it, the two of you were in a relationship and it seems like you want her back. In all honesty I could care less. I don't like the character of both Montoya and Barbara. Every time they come on screen I can't wait for them to get off.

As I  have said, this wasn't my favorite episode but it was still very enjoyable and it definitely had me intrigued throughout it. I'm excited to see what happens next.


 “He killed people. That made him a criminal.” -Bruce

"Everyone has to matter, or nobody matters. Or else everyone loses faith. That's when you get vigilantes." - Jim

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