Sunday, April 13, 2014

Reading Break? Slump? What do I call it?

Lately I've been in such a reading....well I don't really want to call it a slump, so I guess I'll say break. But "break" doesn't fit it either. I want to read, but every time I pick up a book, I can only get a few pages in. Nothing has been capturing my interest and it's not fun! I want to read something new, fresh, and fun. Mainly I just want to read ALL the books. However, with the way that I've been feeling, it's just not happening.

Perhaps it's just finding the right book. Should I keep forcing myself to pick up these books and continue on or should I just wait for the right one to pull me out of my slump? Maybe I should join in on a read-a-long with some other readers? Perhaps that's what I need. Who knows?

With all that being said, that doesn't mean that I haven't been buying books(just not many). I have a few books that I've been collecting that need to be hauled! Right now they're only about 3 books, so I plan on waiting until I get a few more so I can make a decent haul. However, for now let me know what you guys do when you're in a reading "slump/break". Do you force yourself to read something? Do you reread a book you remember loving and haven't read in awhile, or do you just wait it out?

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