Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall TV 2013

Here I decided to share the shows that I'm excited to watch the return of, and the new shows I want to catch. I know they're quite a few, but hey, what can I say? Let me know if you watch any of these shows.

Recurring Shows
The Vampire Diaires
Once Upon A Time
The Walking Dead
How I Met Your Mother
Hart of Dixie
The above are the shows that I will be watching when they air. Here are a few that I will be watching when I have time- ARROW, New Girl, Chicago Fire, The Big Bang Theory, GLEE, and Elementary.

New Shows
(If you click the title of the show you will be taken to the IMDB page)

The Originals

Sleepy Hollow

The Tomorrow People


  1. Sleepy Hollow is fantastic! You can tell it's going to become something like Grim, with monsters and whatnot. Did you hear about the new Walking Dead Spin-off show? I can't wait for that!

    1. I watched the pilot of Sleepy Hollow and loved it. I think it's going to be a great series.
      I didn't know about a spin-off. That's pretty awesome!!