Tuesday, August 20, 2013

[TAG]- City of Bones

Since the movie is coming out I decided to do this tag. I'm so excited for this movie. If you are going to see it, let me know! Also let me know what you're most looking forward to seeing in the movie.

1) Are you a Shadow Hunter, Downworlder (if so which one?) or mundane?

I would be a Downworlder, specifically a Warlock, because I think they're amazing!

2) If you where a character in City of Bones, which character would you become best friends with?
Without a doubt, Magnus Bane!

3) Which couple (Clace, Sizzy, Malec ect.) do you ship the most in City of Bones?

4) Which scene from City of Bones are you most excited to see in the movie?
The Hotel Scene!

5) How old were you when you first began reading City of Bones? 
I don't even remember, but it was a long time ago! I believe when I first started it, only CoB and CoA were out!

6) Have you ever met Cassandra Clare, or one of the cast members from City of Bones?


7) What's your favorite rune?

 Parabatai. I think this rune is one of the most significant and important. Plus it symbolizes a lot.

8) What's your favorite angel's name? (Raziel, Gabriel, Michael, ect.)

9) If you could be a character in City of Bones for one day, who would you be and why?

I would like to be Maya because I think she's pretty awesome!

10) Are you going to the midnight premier of City of Bones? If so are you dressing up?

Unfortunately there's not a midnight showing in my town, so no.

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