Monday, February 11, 2013

The Walking Dead[3x9]- The Suicide King

The Walking Dead finally returned after its hiatus. Here are my thoughts on the season 3 mid-season premiere episode.

The episode was titled The Suicide King and from that title I was already intrigued. The first thought that came to my mind from just the title was death, so possibly a death in the episode? But who could die? Daryl? No! Rick? No! Carl? No! Andrea? (to be honest, it wouldn't bother me if she did) but no. There were no deaths of main characters in this episode. So my initial thought was thrown out the window. But this premiere episode did not disappoint. Here are some major things that I wanted to talk about.

First the Dixon brothers. It was great to see them reunited, then beating each other up, then escaping. I have to say that opening scene was great. I definitely think they should have let Merle come back to the prison. I understand why they didn't want him to. They can't trust him. But they can trust Daryl, and especially now they need all the help they can get. But then the question becomes, if they let Merle come back to the prison, would he manipulate Daryl? Make him believe that the group doesn't really care for him? So in a way it makes that Daryl and Merle would go off on there own. Maybe Daryl will be able to see for himself how Merle really is.

I hate how Rick is the one making the decisions on who stays and who goes. I know he has been through a lot but just because you run into some terrible people doesn't mean that everyone you meet is going to be that way. I understand why he's suspicious. But seriously, after everything Michonne did for them, he's just going to toss her out. Although she probably could care less. With this new group though, I think I would let them stay. Especially with everything going on with the governor they need all the help they can get. Of course I would have people looking after them, just in case something happened. But as I said, they need all the help they can get, especially now.

Finally, Lori. What? YES! Lori was back at the end(as a hallucination). What is up with Rick? First we see him talking to Lori on the phone after her death(hallucination number 1), then we see him see Shane during the chaos at Woodbury (hallucination number 2) and now he sees Lori in her wedding dress(hallucination number 3). What is going on with him? What will happen to the group if Rick isn't capable of leading? Will they fall apart? Will someone else step up? Maybe Hershel? Glenn? Maggie? Who knows? But what we do know, is whatever is going on with Rick, won't be good for himself or the group.

Do you think the group should have let Merle go back to the prison? 
Was Daryl right to go off with his brother? 
Would you let Tyrese's group stay?
How do you feel about seeing Lori?
What do you think will happen in the upcoming episodes?

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