Monday, March 19, 2012

The Hunger Games Tag

 Rachel from RachelSuperBook's and Liddy from theebookmonster are hosting a Hunger Games Week. It's a week of videos to celebrate the premiere week of The Hunger Games!! I'm so excited for this movie so I was definitely going to participate in this week of videos. Some days I will be posting videos and other days I will be doing posts. The first day is a tag.

The Questions:

1.Peeta or Gale?
For Katniss and in general, Peeta. He just overall seems like a better person.

2. Who is your your favorite character in the trilogy and why?
My two absolute favorites are Haymitch and Finnick. Two awesome and important characters in the trilogy. Honorable mention goes to Cinna. How can you not love him!

3. Do your best impression of any character (no spoilers!)
I really can't do an impression over a blog :)

4. If you could choose one weapon in the games, what would it be?
The set of twelve(I believe) knifes. I think that would work best for me.

5. What is your opinion on the cast of The Hunger Games Movie?
I think they are great. I honestly believe Woody Harrelson is the perfect person for the part of Haymitch!!

6. Which tribute is most like you, explain why.
Umm, I really don't think I'm like one specific character. More so a mixture of everyone.

7. Imagine your in the hunger games - what's your strategy? Alone or Allies?
Definitely Allies. I know in the end we would have to fight each other, but in the beginning I would definitely want allies.

8. What scenes are you looking forward to most in the movie.
The interview scene, the cave scene, and the training center.

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