Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas List

My Christmas List-

1) A castle in EVERY country.
2) A life remote so I can mute the people who annoy me, rewind the past, fast forward the lectures from the parents.
3) A remote that allows any room I enter to be turned into a dance club. 
4) My own personal Starbucks Coffee Cart.
5) My own Bowling Alley.
6) To star in a world-wide phenomenon movie.
7) A Dinosaur! I've always wanted one.
8) Walk-in closet that can create ANY type of clothing that I want.
9) A Plane.
10) A Time Machine.
11) Kellan Lutz, Ian Somerholder, Usher...Need I say more?
12) Be on an episode of GLEE!
13) Have my life be a musical.
14) To have an Invisible Cloak.
15) A talking animal.

Check out Cassidy's YouTube channel! I got the idea from her great video.

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